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"I was put in a bind by an electrical contractor who felt it was too hot to climb in the attic and decided to cut miscellaneous holes to fish wire across my living room and down the hallway. He also was not able to do anything in a straight line or level. I called Singh and came by. With short notice he came and repaired all of the damage done by the other guy and fixed the lights and the switches for me. All for a price that was very reasonable. I am doing other projects, and he will get all of them. You can't do any better than these guys!”

Lon E, Santa Clara

“We called Genuine Drywall for a bid. He was very reasonable so we hired him. He was there on time, did an excellent job and also cleaned up the job when completed. I will call him for all of our drywall needs. I was also very impressed with his business ethics. We will be using him for all of our future drywall needs”

Marie T, Huntington Beach, CA

“Talk about a business name fitting the owner....GENUINE. A few words will sum up
everything....honest, trustworthy, skillful, dedicated, inexpensive,and genuine.”

Hamed, Pleasanton

“If you want a competent honest guy to do your drywall at a reasonable price, give these guys a call.

Singh and his crew just finished 4 rooms for me and I am quite happy with the results--I have also used him on a previous task where he worked alone. They hung the drywall, taped, mudded (yes, it is a verb now) , and gave me a nice Level 5 smooth. They cheerfully did everything I asked and put up with my nit-picking--I am an engineer and do everything else myself, so I act like a very annoying general contractor when it comes to these things (Mike Holmes is not as picky as I am).

Singh himself is pretty good at all the tasks, and has obviously been working with the same assistants for some time. One of them is really good at cutting and hanging (amazingly good at routing around junction boxes), while the other specializes in tape/mud. When all is done and dry, they even use a dustless sander machine (very handy for a mirror-smooth surface) in addition to hand sanding.

Given a choice, I always prefer to hire a contractor that does the work himself rather than deal with some slick sales type who showes up in a fancy truck, takes my money, and sends me under-payed workers who don't know up from down. Singh owns the company, cares about the customer, and does the work himself. He is also a nice guy and very easy to deal with.

There are cheaper guys around (I found one that showed up drunk to bid on my job) and there are corporate types who charge an arm and a leg--have a fancy office, multiple trucks, and huge overhead (exactly 2x what I wanted to pay). But Singh delivers excellent quality at a reasonable price. They are very good with Level 5 smooth (which is the most popular now) and are even good with sound suppression techniques--we did two layers of drywall, QuietGlue (like GreenGlue), and Roxul insulation on exterior walls (so I won't have to shoot the neighbor's barking rodent). I will definitely hire them again."

Shawn, Menlo Park


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