Welcome to Genuine Drywall. We are your guys for all yours drywall needs. At Genuine Drywall, we do Drywall Installation in New additions to the houses, Residential developments and Drywall Patchwork. We do all kinds of Drywall Texture in Residential projects. We are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured Company. Our in house employees are educated, hardworking, honest and professional and strive to provide best quality workmanship to our customers.

Genuine Drywall has been serving the East Bay Area for the last 11 years. Our goal is to provide quality workmanship at a reasonable price and to make sure our customers are 100 % satisfied. This starts with a personal connection with the owner, Singh, who not only comes and gives you a free estimate, he also does the work himself.

So, if you have a drywall project in hand and looking for Licensed Drywall Contractors, look no further. We will assist you in all your drywall needs right here. So call our business line 510-460-0022 and ask for Singh and we will be right at your door step to give you a no obligation free estimate today.

For no-surprises, no-stress drywall installations, call for a free estimate.